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March 3, 2021

As Mississippi’s farmers market season is upon us, it is a great time to remember we can build our own natural immunity by eating fresh healthy foods high in Vitamin C, D, complex B vitamins, and zinc. In addition to making you healthier your body will be better equipped to fight off colds and viruses,…

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Spring Farm Days!

March 1, 2021

We are excited to once again be hosting our Annual Spring Farm Days at the Mississippi Ag Museum this Thursday through Saturday!! For many of you, this will be your family’s first opportunity to see our all new Children’s Barnyard with all our farm animals! Details below. The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is hosting…

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The phasing out of state income tax

February 23, 2021

Today the Mississippi House overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1439, a bill that would gradually phase out the state income tax. The 308 page bill also increases state sales tax by an additional 2.5 percent on essentially all retail purchases in Mississippi, making the default sales tax rate 9.5 percent and increasing sales tax rates on…

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“The right to keep and bear arms … shall not be infringed…”

February 11, 2021

“The right to keep and bear arms … shall not be infringed…” This is an important update about your rights to carry a weapon to protect yourself and your family in Mississippi. No state agency should be able to strip your rights to lawfully carry, especially as an instructor-certified concealed carry permit holder. Very soon…

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Dixie National Celebrates Lecile Harris

February 5, 2021

Dixie National Celebrates the Life of Longtime Rodeo Performer Lecile Harris with Memorial Processional at State Fairgrounds JACKSON, Miss. – Today, Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson announced the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce will host a memorial processional for the late Lecile Harris, professional rodeo clown and longtime performer at the Dixie…

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"Agriculture is Mississippi’s number one industry.  As your Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, my mission is to continue sowing the seeds of opportunity in the areas of workforce development, expansion of trade opportunities, and investment here locally in Mississippi’s agricultural industry.  I am working hard every day to grow Mississippi’s agricultural economy, at the same time as investing valuable time and resources in developing the next generation of Mississippi’s future agricultural leaders.  Working together, we will make sure the future of Mississippi agriculture will remain strong."

Commissioner Andy Gipson


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"There is no greater investment we can make than investing in our young people,
the next generation of Mississippi’s Ag leaders."

Commissioner Andy Gipson


Supporting Our Local Farmers

Commissioner Gipson spent his first six months in office visiting with farmers throughout Mississippi and is implementing a farmer-based agenda to open more opportunities for Mississippi’s producers, large and small. Under Commissioner Gipson’s leadership, in 2018 the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce launched a new branding and promotional campaign, “Genuine MS.”  The entire program is farmer-focused, locally based and geared toward promoting Mississippi’s agricultural products grown, raised, crafted and made here in the Magnolia State.  You can check it out at  While connecting local consumers to local producers, this program is building a database for the expansion of trade of Mississippi’s products around the world. 

Investing in Our Next Generation

Commissioner Gipson believes that the greatest investment we can make is in our young people, the next generation of leaders in Mississippi’s agricultural industry.  That’s why in 2018, Commissioner Gipson launched the Genuine MS Workforce Development Internship Program through the Mississippi Department of Agriculture.  By connecting Mississippi students with their agriculture-related interests, your Department of Agriculture and Commerce is providing real world experience with the goal that our young people stay and succeed in Mississippi.  Students interested in finding a career in Mississippi agriculture can go to the MS Dept. of Agriculture/Employment Opportunties and click on the Workforce Development Internship Program to complete the form.

Expanding Trade and Investment Opportunities

Commissioner Gipson has worked tirelessly to expand trade and investment opportunities in support of Mississippi’s farmers, ranchers and landowners. Under his leadership, Mississippi’s agricultural exports are growing in new and expanded markets, including strengthening Mississippi’s relationship with growing democracies around the world. From poultry and timber, to cotton, soybeans and corn, Mississippi is well-positioned to capitalize on expanded exports. In addition, Commissioner Gipson has made timber market development a key component of his administration. As a result, your Department of Agriculture and Commerce has a dedicated staff focusing on timber market and other investments in Mississippi.