Birthday Wish List

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Wow, today is my Birthday and I’m excited about Christmas and the the New Year. Recently I was asked for thoughts on the upcoming Legislative Session, so consider this my Birthday List for the 2023 Session!
From Commissioner Andy Gipson: As a former member myself, I greatly appreciate our Mississippi Legislature; it’s a huge job crafting policy for the State of Mississippi but it is a job that is incredibly important for our State’s future. At the Mississippi Department of Agriculture we have a few technical amendments to our agriculture law enforcement laws we’d like to see updated by the Legislature to provide further protections for our farmers against ag related crimes. We are also in discussions with legislators about important investments for capital improvements to rebuild Mississippi’s food security infrastructure and livestock facilities that will benefit Mississippi youth and agriculture education, and our State, for generations to come. I believe we need to invest in our future leaders – our statewide 4H, FFA livestock and equine exhibitors, and we have a unique opportunity to do so this year.
I am also convinced it is time to closely examine foreign ownership of agricultural lands in Mississippi to ensure there is no threat to our state or country’s food security, and strengthen laws to make sure we have the tools in place to prevent and restrict foreign ownership of our State’s most valuable resource, our Mississippi farmland.
Outside of agriculture but important to the future of our state, I hope to see movement on several conservative initiatives. I support Legislative efforts to further reduce or eliminate the income tax; adopt policies that encourage investment in our Centers for Pregnancy Choices to assist and support mothers, babies and families; pass a parents bill of rights to ensure transparency in education; and pass the women’s bill of rights to end the liberal assault on gender identity.
Finally I am convinced the State must take steps to keep the rising tide of violent criminals in prison – restore a very high percentage of mandatory minimum time served for violent crimes, and, I hope the Legislature will address the failures of governance in the City of Jackson.
I look forward to helping any way I can in the New Year!