Legislative Update!

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Legislative Update! A tip of the hat to you, the People and our supporters and friends in the Legislature:
Statement from Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson on 2024 Legislative Session
JACKSON, Miss. – Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson released the following statement:
I want to thank my friends in the Mississippi Legislature for their continued support of Mississippi Agriculture and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC). Specifically, I want to thank House Chairmen Rep. Bill Pigott, Rep. Hank Zuber, Rep. Scott Bounds, and Senate Chairman Sen. Scott Delano for sitting down and listening to our concerns regarding Senate Bill 2631, which died in committee, and House Bill 1357. As introduced, these bills would have had adverse consequences on private sponsorships, Fairground and Museum operations, and would have stymied planned improvements at both facilities. But, with the final conference report on House Bill 1357, coupled with new budgetary authority approved by the Legislature during the appropriations process, our primary concerns have been addressed and this session has proved productive for MDAC operations and facilities.
I also want to thank all our appropriations bill conferees in the House and Senate for recognizing the serious impact inflation has had on the Fairgrounds and overall MDAC operations since 2020, and increasing MDAC’s budget authority accordingly. We are continuing to operate the combined agencies more efficiently than ever before and we’re thankful the legislature has given us the tools and additional authority to do so.
Last but certainly not least, I want to thank the good people of Mississippi for letting your voice be known on the importance of supporting the Fairgrounds, the Agriculture and Forestry Museum, and the Department of Agriculture. Your voice to your legislators made all the difference. Thank you.