MS Hometown Rodeo Series!

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Big Announcement! Our Genuine MS program is working hard to bring you the Mississippi Hometown Rodeo Series, coming to a hometown near you! Here are our dates so far.
⭐️ Macon, Mississippi April 14 and 15th
⭐️ Saltillo, Mississippi May 12 and 13th
⭐️ Natchez, Mississippi July 4th
⭐️ Killebrew Rodeo in the Mississippi Coliseum, July 28 and 29th
⭐️ Horn Lake, Mississippi September 22 and 23rd
⭐️ Kosciusko, Mississippi October 6th and 7th
⭐️ Sartartia, Mississippi November 10th and 11th
If your town or city would like to bring the Rodeo to your hometown, and learn more about our Genuine Mississippi program, contact Jim (601) 953-6605!