Rediscover the conservative compass

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My article in the Magnolia Tribune – it is time for Mississippians to rediscover our Conservative Compass!

I am thankful to have grown up here in Mississippi. My childhood activities always focused on hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. Whether it was hunting deep in the woods of Panther Swamp or fishing for speckled trout miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, I quickly learned the importance of having a reliable compass – an instrument guaranteed to provide reliable direction. In all my activities, it was important not to forget my compass – the one indispensable tool to make sure my family and I were headed in the right direction.

It is apparent many leaders today seem to have forgotten their compass. They are turned around and heading in the wrong direction. Whether it is in Washington DC, or right here at home in Mississippi, too many professing “conservatives” seem to have lost their way, quickly taking one too many turns to the left.

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