Your Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

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Friends, I made it official by qualifying earlier this month, and I, Andy Gipson, ask for your continued support and your vote to further the work we’ve already begun since I took office as your Republican Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. I am a conservative Republican; a proven hard worker with a strong record of getting results for Mississippi. For many years I’ve stood and fought – and won – for our conservative values; for what we believe in. Now I’m still doing that, and I’m fighting and advocating for the strength and values of Mississippi’s greatest industry. Together we are getting results leading into the next generation of Mississippi agriculture.
Those results include actively and boldly promoting Agriculture as the backbone of our economy; supporting our local farmers through our new #GenuineMS program, supporting our youth livestock programs and leadership development, creating a laser-focused Ag workforce development program, opening more doors of opportunity for our young people, bringing more and better Ag-related jobs to Mississippi, and expanding markets for our Ag commodities and timber through international trade. In all these ways, and more, we are getting results for Mississippi Agriculture and Commerce each and every day.
Leslie, our four children and I would be so very honored to have yours and your family’s support, your prayers, and your vote in 2019. We want you on our team! Thank you, and God bless you.