Andy Gipson for Ag Commissioner

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I, Andy Gipson, am pleased to announce that I will stand for reelection as your Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. As when you elected me to the Legislature in 2007, I promise you I will continue to move forward with integrity, leadership and vision for the next generation. I will always stand for what’s right and I will fight against the wrong, for the sake of our children. Just like we fought and won in the Legislature for the unborn, for our Second Amendment rights, for our freedoms, we will fight together for the farmers, ranchers and landowners, and ALL the people of Mississippi, and WE WILL WIN.

If you like the job I’m already doing as your Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, just get ready for the next four years. With a strong conservative legislative and business background, legal training specializing in agricultural and finance law, and farming myself right here in Mississippi since I was 13 years old, I’m ready to lead.

In fact, I’m already leading, and I want you and your family on my team. Please like and share with your friends. Leslie, our children and I thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and all of Mississippi for a long time.

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