Wild Hogs

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Wild hogs are a nuisance in all 82 counties of Mississippi. Earlier today we hosted a meeting of the Beaver and Wild Hog Control Advisory Board. Attendees today included legislative leaders Chairmen Bill Pigott and Scott Bounds, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture, Mississippi Farm Bureau,¬†Mississippi State University Extension Service, the Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, USDA, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors, the Mississippi Forestry Commission and the Mississippi Department of Transportation. We are all in agreement on the seriousness of this threat to our farmers and landowners, not to mention the threat to our native wildlife such as whitetail deer. Share this with your friends, and check out how you can help with Operation HOG on the Mississippi State University Extension Service website: http://extension.msstate.edu/natur…/wildlife/operation-hog

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